Satellite in the Bodrum area Turkey

So you want a satellite system for you property / home near Bodrum in Turkey. What are the options available?
The  Dsmart system has been the best in my opinion as it has an array of  channels not normally Free to view included in the standard connection. This however has changed, and apparently (if my Turkish serves me right) any system installed before September 2010 will continue to receive the channels from the Turksat satellite.

Now DSmart will cost a nominal fee of about 70TL per year instead of being free once you buy the box.What they charge next year, who knows.

DigiTurk Starting at 25TL per month with a good array of English speaking channels is a good bet if you live in Turkey but more most are willing to pay for a property available for rental.

You can buy a decoder in most electrical shops which can be tuned into any satellite, but the 4 available in Turkey that I am aware of with a standard sized dish are TurkSat, Hotbird and Thor and NileSat. You can buy a decoder for about 80TL then you have installation costs and the dish. For a complete set up with over 1000 channels (maybe 25 English speaking) 500TL would suffice.

There is an option to receive Sky in Turkey. Apparently north of Izmir a 1.5 metre dish is sufficient, but when you get to Bodrum or lower South a 3 metre plus is required. So receiving Sky in Bodrum, Akbuk, Dalaman is an option but it could set you back a few thousand Turkish Lira at least.

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