Mosquito (Fly) screens Bodrum

Whether you have an apartment in Gulluk, Bodrum, Tuzla or anywhere in Turkey, you will have come across the problem of mosquitoes. They do not seem to bother some people, but others come up in big red bumps when they are bitten.

There are many produced on the shelf to deter these pests such as the plug ins and slow burn wicks, but mosquito screens will stop them from getting into your villa or apartment in Turkey.

There is nothing more annoying than the whine of the mosquito as it buzzes past your head while you are relaxing or trying to sleep.

Depending on the size of your windows, and how big your property is obviously is a contributing factor to cost. The patio doors have a metal frame and windows a plastic one.
You are looking at 700TL to 1100TL for your average apartment in Turkey. Most property management companies offer a fitting service.
Apparently Mosquitoes do not like air conditioning!

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