Which Satellite system for English Channels in Turkey

I have written something concerning satellite TV in Turkey before. Having seen many of the options available and as a native English speaker have not been impressed, I continued my quest to find the best satellite system for the English speaker.
Forget Turksat, D-Smart, Hotbird, or Nile Sat. Turn to Thor.

This is the list of channels that can be received with one satellite dish directed at the Thor satellite.

Discovery World
Discovery Science
Discovery T & L
Nat Geo
Nat Geo Wild
Animal Planet
Investigation Discovery
Poker Channel
Cartoon Network
Cine Star
Movies 24
Disney XD
HBO Adria
Reality CE
BBC World
Nova Sprt
Reality TV
TV 1000
Disney Channel
HBO Comedy Adria
Pro Cinema
AXN Crime
AXN Sci Fi
Private Spice
Various music channels

At IdealWorld, we can organise a satellite engineer to visit your holiday home to receive Thor in the Bodrum, Milas, Tuzla, Guvercinlik, Dorteppe area.
This is a non subscription service.

With an extra dish aimed at the Astra Satellite, the channels above can be increased, including many more film and sports channels.
For prices starting at 470TL, please contact us for more information concerning installing a satellite system in the Bodrum area of Turkey with the most amount of English channels available without the need for a 4 metre dish.

As an extra note. Most people are used to the Sky system in the UK. This is updated via the phone line and is a subscription service. Suscription satellite in Turkey include Turksat and DSmart which are obviously Turkish.

The Thor satellite system is British, with eastern European and Scandinavian channels included. Using one dish, a good number of English channels are available. For a more comprehensive choice of English channels, the second dish needs to be installed. This dish accesses the codes required for the passwords for the system as no subscription is available here.

Although we have found this to be the most effective system, itis not full proof, and the channels can alter on occasion. This needs to be taken into account before having the system installed.

Full list of channels to appear soon.

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