Property Management Services in a Nut Shell

This page is designed to tell you about all our services in a single page. If you like what you see please feel free to visi other areas of the website for more specific information on what we do and how we do it.

What services do we provide?
  • Property Management of properties located on the Bodrum peninsula
  • Property Rental Management & Support
  • Furniture Supply - full packs through to replacement items
  • Bespoke Furniture Manufacture - Made to design / order
  • Rental Property Marketing & Advertising
  • Rental Management & Support
How do you operate?
  • We have offices in the UK (Torquay) and in Turkey (Milas)
  • Our systems are fully integrated and accessible by our clients
  • Our back office support teams work between 7am - 9pm
  • We have physical and online contact systems in place for 24/7 support
How many properties do you manage?
We currently manage around 70 quality properties for either property management, rental management or both. This number grows weekly. In 2010 we capped our customer base to just 50 properties but newly implemented management systems mean that we are now able to manage our client base with far greater efficiency. Our target for 2011 is however just 110 clients - we recognise the value of quality over quantity.
What's this Pro-MANAGE2 system I am hearing about?
We called our property and rental management services Pro-MANAGE in order to reinforce the message that we offer the highest quality service on the bodrum peninsula. With the introduction of our new online management systems, we added the 2 to show that the combination is far more than the combination of the two services. The new systems allow us to interact with all our clients in a much more efficient and professional way than can ever be acheived through manual systems. If I contract IdealWorld will I join the Pro-MANAGE2 system?
If you contract us for either full property and rental management support or just property management support then yes, you will full access to our property management systems and your accounts through the online interface we will supply you with. This will enable you to:
  • Monitor any work done on your property 24/7
  • Add work orders to inform us of things you need done
  • Manage your personal visits and those of your friends and family (optional)
  • Add bookings you get from other sources e.g your own marketing efforts (optional)
  • See all bookings from every source (optional)
  • Review your accounts
If you simply wish to contract us to provide rental advertising support then we can offer you mechanisms for this but you will not be able to access any property management related support areas.
The million $ question - how much does it cost?
  • Total Support Package - £295 + 15% on bookings
  • Property Management Only - £195
  • Rental Advertising - £100 + 15% or £0 + 20%
Costs relating to on going maintenance will be charged as appropriate to the service provided. Cleaning and laundry charges are taken from the rental income you receive. This is nominally between £35 to £39 per stay but can be higher depending on guest usage.

What Now?
For more indepth information please browse this website. You will find information on rentals, furniture, support packages and costs. Please do not hesitate to call us on 0117 230 2966 if you need help, support or advice.
The best support package we could have chosen
Dave Doige, Lillium, Flamingo Country Club
Idealworld Bodrum is pleased to work alongside some of the premier resorts on the Bodrum peninsula including Flamingo Country Club, Turquoise, Royal Heights and Lakeside Gardens on Lake Tuzla, Seabreeze and Sunset Bay in Gulluk and and Alexander Hills in Yalikavak. Since early 2009 we have been providing pro-active & enhanced property management and rental marketing services as well as extensive internet advertising and local support. A key element of our support programs is our use of internet technology which has helped us become the #1 property management team in a relatively short time period.
Very impressive service!
Pat Stanton, Magnolia, Flamingo Country Club
Check out some of our top rental properties for 2010

Gardinia h28 Flamingo Country Club
Gardenia 28
Oyster 9 Royal Heights
Oyster 9
Acacia 7 Villa Flamingo Country Club
Acacia 7 Villa
Iris 28 Flamingo Country Club
Iris 28

Our aim is very simply to provide maximum exposure at minimum cost and our new support package Pro-MANAGE2 is just one example of helping our clients acheive rental success. If you need any reassurance that we can do exactly what we say, simply search the internet for key terms associated with slef-catering property rental. Give us a call on 01273 906444 or 0117 230 2966 - we can help you put your property on the map faster and more effectively than any other property management team on the peninsula today.

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