Linen supply in Bodrum

As part of our furniture packages we obviously supply linen. We also supply linen to our property management clients. From pillows, to pillow cases, to duvet covers and fitted sheets all supplied locally.

Our towels are produced from Turkish cotton and are delivered to us from Denizli. The bed sheet linen is produced in Turkey, then cut and sewn to size in Milas. All linen is in white.

These are the prices in January 2012. Prices will vary throughout the year.

  • Pillow (700gr) - 18TL
  • Pillow case - 12TL
  • Flat sheet Single (130 x 220) - 30TL
  • Flat sheet double (190 x 230) - 34TL
  • Fitted sheet single (90 x 190) - 34TL
  • Fitted sheet double (150 x 200) - 42TL
  • Throw Single (150 x 240) in beige - 52TL
  • Throw Single (210 x 250) in beige - 55TL
  • Hand Towel - 14TL
  • Bath Towel - 23TL
For properties outside our area there will be a delivery fee. Prices include K.D.V. (VAT). A minimum order may apply to non clients. Price subject to change without notification. Please contact us if you would like to make an order.

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