Paying Milas council tax 2013

Milas Council tax becomes due in January. You are able to pay this in two instalments, by the end of May and November. Any outstanding balance of these respective date will gain interest. You are able to clear the account in one go if you prefer.

I think the online service is the best method of payment and if you follow these steps, you have a good chance of being able to pay your council tax online, tried and test by many Idealworld Bodrum property management clients.

Your online account will be updated to show your payment. This may take a week if paying by bank transfer, but paying online gives you an instant result.  When a payment is made by credit card you will get an online payment notification and also an email with the payment information.

First go to the website.

The English version of the website is scaled although it does have some local tourist information if you wish to view it. For now, we just need to select e - BELEDİYE. 

 A new window will open up with ENGLISH  TÜRKÇE. I suggest you select the ENGLISH option!

Another completely new window will open. You will see in the top left hand corner two boxes with USER ID and PASSWORD. Please enter the respective number as given to you by the council or your property management company and click ENTER. If you do not have these number you need to contact the Milas Tapu office.

You should see you name in the bottom left hand side of the screen.

You should now see personal information held at the council office in the middle of the page.

To the right of the page is the information you will need if you are transferring payments using the bank transfer method.

I have highlighted 4 areas on the image. Select the payments you wish to make using the tick boxes. You can click the + sign and the section will open up to show more info. 
You will see the total payment change as you make you selection. If you would like to pay the total bill then tick the TOTAL DEBT BOX highlighted. The amount to pay will show up in the TOTAL PAYMENT box.

Once you are happy with your selection, just click ONLINE PAYMENT.

The Payment.
Type your full name, use a Turkish phone number (02521234569) as there is not enough room for the international code for the UK, and then your email address. This is where the receipt will be send to.
Then, using the virtual keyboard on the right, complete the card holder name as it appears on your card, the card number. This can be tricky as the number randomise after each selection for security reasons. Dial in the cards expiry date and using the virtual keyboard again for the last 3 digits of your security number on the back of the card.

That's it, press FINISH PAYMENT

The website will now process your information. A small window will open in the middle of the screen which asks you to wait while the payment is being verified. If all went well, a screen should open showing your payment information and receipt. A receipt will also be sent to your email address. The new account balance will now reflect your payment. If this does not happen, the chances are the website was unable to process your payment due to a fault, which happen sometimes or there was a problem verifying your credit card.  If this happens, try again later or let us know if you are a client. As the system is automated, it is not possible to pay twice. I have made many payments using this system without any problems.

If you do not have a username or password, please follow these guidelines:

If you are not an Idealworld client then you will need to claim your username and password from the council. This is the procedure (thanks to Brian Watts for this info):

Subject: e-belediye Şifre
Email Body:

Tckimlik No: Turkish kimlik or foreign passport No
Ad: Name
Soyad: Surname
Baba Adı: Father's Name
Ana Adı: Main Title
Doğum Yeri: Place of birth
Doğum Tarihi: Date of birth
Adres: Address
Ev Tel: Home Phone (including international code)
Cep Tel: Mobile Phone (including international code)
Varsa Emlak Sicil No: Real Estate Registration No (you should be able to get this from  your Tapu).


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