How to retrieve your Turkish tax number (vergi kimlik)

How to get your Turkish tax number (vergi kimlik)

There has been a lot of activity about this lately as Intasure have been contacting their clients concerning their tax number.

All property owners will have been issued a tax number from the Bodrum
or Milas tax office. Many of you will not have made a note as the
solicitor may have held back this number only to charge you for
retrieving it later as they never miss a trick to make more money.

Luckily there is an online service to retrieve you number at the government website :

This is the page you will be faced with:

You need to add:
father forenames

Then select Yutdışı

then add your year of birth (ie 1959)

(note, the chances are they will have used a Turkish i which is ı if you
have an i in your name. See note below if you do not know how to do

It took me several attempts to get my number. First I did not know I had
to add the Turkish ı, then they left my fathers middle name out, so I
had to run multiple variations until I got the result. You may well need
to do this as getting your number in the first hit is unlikely, so you need to be patient.


Option 1: use an online virtual keyboard and copy and paste the Turkish letters.

Option 2: Install a Turkish keyboard onto you PC.
If you have a Mac then you need to search for how to do this on the
net. If you tyep a lot of Turkish this is a good option. If not, the 1st
option may be the best one for you.


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