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The Tiny House revolution is here.

Can I buy Prefab Tiny houses in Turkey? Yes you can!

Maybe it's just me, but everywhere I look I see adverts for tiny houses. Not just on the internet, but in magazines, and on the side of the road on sales pitches. OK, maybe not in the UK, nut within a two hour drive in Turkey, there are four roadside tiny house, wooden house, and prefab house showrooms.

Buying land in the UK can be an expensive proposition, but land in Turkey, depending where you buy, can be extremely cheap. The further inland you go, away from the tourist areas by the sea, the cheaper it is. If you want a sea view, then your going to need a big bank balance. If you have money to burn, I doubt you will be looking at a tiny house, more a holiday villas in Turkey in Bodrum, Kalkan, or Antalya.

If you want the simple life, away from the crowds, and you do not mind goats, chickens and sheep, then maybe life in Turkey could be for you. 

Is Living in Turkey Good?

Before deciding on Turkey, you need to be familiarise yourself with the culture. Living near tourist areas like Izmir, Kuşudasi, Kalkan, Bodrum, Fethiye, Dalaman, Izmir, Side, Antalya, and Güllük to name a few, you may be in more contact with English speaking people. As you move more inland, then you will need to learn the basics of the language for an easier life. You need to be able to buy a loaf of bread unless you are going to make your own. 

Too many people take the plunge too early, and invest in land or property in Turkey, without doing their homework. Stay in the area for a week or two first. Turkey is a big country, 3.2 time the size of the whole of the UK, but with roughly the same population. So there is a lot of space. You just need to find the right area that suits you.

How much does land cost in Turkey?
Of course, there is no definitive answer to this as the location and size of land I small important. What you can be sure of, is that is the price  is far far lower than that of the UK, and most parts of Europe.

However, I can provide some examples to give you (the reader) a taster. 
215,000TL or about £30,000 for a 2 acre plot with Olive trees in a village about two hours north of Izmir.

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How much for a Tiny House in Turkey?

Can I Retire in Turkey 

Tiny House Books

NOTE: This post is for information purposes only. We are not anyway connected with property sales, and advise you to contact a registered estate agent when purchasing property in Turkey.

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