Cotton Canvas Artwork in Bodrum Turkey

Buying artwork in Turkey is not as easy as in the UK. Maybe Izmir and Istanbul a have picture galleries and Athena type shops, but the Bodrum area has little to offer.

Shopping on the internet in Turkey is also a varied experience. It can be done, but if there are problems, if you do not speak Turksih, there is little chance of sorting it out.

Besides that, the internet has not matured anywhere near to the standards or variety of the UK, Europe or the U.S.

So, where does that leave you? Well, we were fed up with the poor selection from Bodrum so we started to order from the UK. The canvas arrived by post in a roll, and we stretched them on a MDF frame.
This option worked for a while until we came across a local printer who could print on cotton canvas.
So we can now offer canvases far cheaper than those available in the UK.

We will be setting up a website in English and Turkish where we can supply artwork on cotton canvas from here in Turkey.

Prices will be published shortly. In the meantime you can contact us at

Please check out our expanding selection of prints.
We can also print any image (500kb recommended)


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