IdealWorld Bodrum website open for Business

The IdealWorld Bodrum website has been whipped into shape by the very talented Dave Collerton.

It will be the central portal for our business, linking to our many other websites dealing with property management, rental management, holiday rentals, furniture in the Bodrum area, forums, holiday resorts in the Bodrum area, plus much more.

  • There are some really cool image galleries using the Cooliris plug in.
  • Important information about our new Pro manage 2 Ciirus property management system.
  • Turkey Holiday Rental information
  • Bodrum resort information
  • Furniture solution for the Bodrum area
  • Info on our IPBN forum
So, if you want to know more about us at IdealWorld Bodrum, this is the website to visit.

If you happen to have any problem accessing or seeing any of the information on the new IdealWorld Bodrum webiste, please let us know at

Hope to see you there.

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