Post Office services to Turkey and post in Bogazici

Just like in the UK, you will not see many post offices around in Turkey. There is usually one in towns and villages with more in large towns and cities.

The postal service is not the best equipped in the world by any stretch of the imagination, but it does work.  The Turks do not however use the service to the extent that the British do. They do not send cards and letters on birthdays and other annual celebrated days. They do not have Easter and Christmas to contend with, but valentines is becoming more popular, but Clinton cards has not founds its way here to my knowledge.

Mail from the UK tends to take about 7 to 14 days. This includes small packages. The hold up is normally at the customs in Istanbul. The post office runs a door to door service just like anywhere else. However, do not be deceived by parcel companies like UPS and TNT. They advertise a door to door service, which is technically incorrect. The parcel or item to be delivered will need to be cleared at customs and this is a costly and time consuming affair. Try to avoid courier services to Turkey!

Finding the post office at Bogazici near to the resorts Flamingo Country Club, Lakeside Gardens, Turquoise and Royal Heights is fairly easy if you know where to look. The map show the rough location. If you find the Golden Horn Restaurant in Tuzla / Bogazici you cannot go wrong.

The following photos will hopefully aid in finding the post office. You will see Ferhat from Idealworld Bodrum sifting through the mail for clients. Unfortunately the post office will not deliver to the properties at the resorts I have mentioned. The resort management have issued instructions to the post office not to deliver. If your mail is not picked up at the post office in Bogazici, you may never receive it. Ask your management company to check for mail the post office on your behalf.

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