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If you are based in the UK like many people who own property in Turkey, or for any other country, then at some time or another you will be in need of a translation service. Of course you may well know your local shop owner or have a friend that can translate a document from English to Turkish or Turkish to English for you. When dealing with legal documents, this will not be enough though.

Here is a list of documents that you will have certainly had translated if you own a property in Turkey, and documents that you may need to have translated from Turkish to English or English to Turkish relating to your property in Turkey in the future. Any document that is in English will need to be translated by an official translator if it is to be used for official purposes in Turkey.
  • Passport
  • Birth certificate
  • Marriage certificate
  • Will
  • Property contract
  • Management contract
  • Various other legal or text documents
These documents once translated can then be legalised/ notarised in Turkey at the local Notary office or handed to your legal representative for legal proceedings for an example. The translator we use is based in Milas next to the Notary office and is a registered translator of the association of Turkey.

Prices start at 85TL per page. This is for translations from English to Turkish or from Turkish to English. There is a discount for documents over 10 pages long. If a document needs to be notarised, the cost of this
can be quoted, together with any postal fees.

Please contact us with your translation enquiries.

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