Electro Card Meter for Holiday apartments Bodrum

  • Wave goodbye to those huge bill electric bills during the summer months because the guests have left the air conditioning on all week,
  • Take control of how much electricity you allow your guests to use before they have to contribute to the bill.
  • It could pay for itself within just 6 weeks, and could save you well over £149 in excessive bills.
  • Easy to set up and supplied from the UK, with English instructions
Card-operated Electricity Meters. It works like this...
The owner/management company simply buys a stock of cards.
They  sell them for the face value (£1, £5, £10 or £20) to the guests and this goes towards your electric bill. (it's like collecting money out of a coin meter except they give the money to you!) You can now take control of those electric bills. No more surprises!

These meters are absolutely brilliant! We supply and install the meters 'ready to go'.

Programming Card
You will need to buy only one programming card (full instructions available) per batch of meters;
This is for setting your 'price per unit' when electricity prices go up.  Optionally you can set (or ignore) 'emergency credit', 'standing charges' or even debt collection (example: set it to collect £50 at £5 per week)
When this card is inserted, the front buttons take on a programming function - just tap in your required settings.

Essential during the summer months, but the most costly accessory to run in your holiday apartment. Uncontrolled, the cost of running these units can seriously erode your holiday apartment income.

Useful for the guest, helping them to control electric accessories, ensuring they are all off when leaving the apartment. These systems are mostly used in Hotel rooms, but are not a guaranteed method of controlling air conditioning usage.

Buy connecting the card meter to just the air conditioning units, the other more essential items such as lighting and cooking facilities are unaffected.

How does the Card Meter work?
Card meters have become very popular in the last 10 years with landlords in the UK. When applied to the holiday apartment/villa, the owner or management company buys a stock of either £1, £5, £10 or £20 cards and sells them directly to the guest should they need them. The guest inserts the card into the meter: The card's security code is checked by the meter and the value transferred to the meter. The card is wiped automatically and perforated to show it's been used. The guest throws the card away. The property owner pays his electricity bill in the normal way with the money he has collected from the guest contributing to the total cost.

Allow your guest to enjoy there holiday without the need to fiddle about with pre paying for electricity until they have used up their quota set by the owner.
You can control your budget by allowing a set amount per week to be included within the rental costs, with the guest paying for any extra used by topping up at the meter.
The owner or management company just sets the meter to the set amount (eg £15) prior to the guest arriving. No money changes hands unless the guest exceeds the limit. It is estimated that £10 per week is normal without using the air conditioning. You are not penalised with a huge electric bill that cannot be covered, and the guest can use the air conditioning within their own limits of expenditure. If the guest wishes to keep the air conditioning on for 24 hours per day, all week, you no longer need to carry the cost as the guest will be topping up the meter accordingly.

Let’s take a 1 bed apartment using both air conditioning systems without taking into account other appliances. If these air conditioning units only operated at 60% of their maximum power of 8KW we get 4.8KW/H.
If we take the period of an electricity bill which is 8 weeks.
If the apartment was booked for all of July and August, assuming the usage of 10 hours per day for the bill period would give us 560 hours. The cost per KW is approximately 26kr/KW/H = approx £0.10 (some are paying 36kr up to 45kr.)

560 KW/Hrs x £0.10 x 4.8KW = £269
Uncontrolled this would come from your income.

If you set the meter to £15 per week, your contribution to the bill over 8 weeks would be just £120. Any amount over this would be paid by the guests.

The savings could be at least = £149

You just select how much credit you want to include for the rental period. Your management company simply credit the meter with one of the magnetic cards. No funds to organise. If the guest exceeds the credited amount, they just organise and pay for the top up – easy.


You get to set the rate that the meter charges for the electricity. Just ensure that the amount set is the same or above the rate at which you are charged by the local electricity authority and you are guaranteed to at least cover the next bill.


The unit can be supplied and installed for  £165.

You can download a PDF document for your information HERE

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