Hot Water Heater modification in the Bodrum Area

Hot water in Turkish apartments or villas is usually provided by a boiler fitted in either the bathroom or an alcove.  Most of these have a pressure relief valve, which activates when the pressure in the boiler rises above a certain amount and protects the boiler from excessive pressure. These pressure changes can occur when the water heats up and cools down, or within the water supply itself.
Problem -  when the pressure relief valve opens and water is released, it can be anything from a drip to a trickle.  If a drip tube has been fitted, this will divert the water either to a container on the floor, to the sink or to the toilet (see photo).  This is practical, but does not look good.  If no tube is fitted the water will pool on the floor, which is messy and could cause someone to slip.
We have had two bathrooms flooded this year when the supply water pressure had been too high.  The relief valve opened as intended, but as no drip tube was fitted the water ended up on the floor.  Luckily no damage was done.
It is possible for the standard existing valve to fail, which could lead to a constant drip or trickle which means a loss of water and a higher water bill if this problems was to be left unchecked.
Most boilers at FCC, Royal Heights and Turquoise are now out of guarantee, so any repairs to the  existing valve could be costly.
Solution - an adjustable pressure regulator. This can be set at the optimum amount of 2 – 2.5 bar. This regulator valve stops excess pressure from getting to the boiler, which means no pressure relief valve or ugly tube, and no drips.
Supplied, installed, tested and working within a few hours.
  •    No more drip tubes dangling around the bathroom.
  •     Protects your boiler
  •    Protection against flooding
  •    Controllable inlet water pressure
  •    Maintenance free

Supply and installation: 135TL (approx £54)

Discount for more multiple installations

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