Paying electric bills to Aydem in Milas

So you own a property in Gulluk or Bodrum, Turkey. We specialise in the resorts Flamingo Country Club, Turquoise, Royal Heights, and Lakeside near Tuzla lake. These resorts have just been registered with Aydem, which means you will get an electric bill.

 How do you pay the bill to the electric supplier Aydem?
  • Set up a direct debit from you Turkish bank account to pay your bill automatically.
  • Pay via international transfer into one of the accounts used by Aydem.
  • Pay by cash at the Aydem office in Milas.
  • Use Idealworld's payment service.
 More and more clients are coming to us to pay their electric bill as it is quick, easy and cost effective. Simple as 1-2-3.
  1. Transfer funds into our UK bank or Paypal account
  2. We pay the bill at the aydem office in cash
  3. We send you the receipt issued by Aydem
You could save over 75% on transfer fees by using our bill payment service. Please contact us at for for details.

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