Satellite options in Turkey

Satellite options in Turkey

As a company who manages over 100 properties in the Bodrum region, we need to ensure our clients have the best selection of TV channels for for when they and their guests visit their villa or apartment in Turkey.

I have touched on this subject before, but I thought it time for an update. Basically our recommendation is to use two dishes. One receiving signals from Turksat and one from Astra.

ASTRA - List of English speaking channels

BBC Work (news)
Bloomsberg (news)
Euronews (news)
CNN Int (news)
CNBC Europe (news)
Al Jazeera Eng (news)
CCTV (Docs)
CCTV (news)
France 24 ENG (news)
NHK World (docs/news)
Russia Today (news)

Turksat - List of List of English speaking channels

Minika Go (children)
Cartoon network (children)
CNBC-E (Eng & Turkish)
Al Jazeera (news)
Genc TV (music)
MTV Turkiye (mixed)
NHK (news)
TNT (Turksih and English)
Hits TV (music)

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