Aydem electric bills - new website

First you will need to navigate to the Aydem website :

Anyone who has attempted to check their electric bill on the Aydem website will have noticed that the website has been updated.

For those of you with a limited knowledge of Turkish, you need to navigate to the top right of the screen "Hızlı Borç Sorgulama"

Look for "Hızlı Borç Sorgulama"

Just type in your account number and your account will be displayed. If it shows "Borç Yok", that means no debt. If you you owe anything, the date of the last payment date and the amount owed will be shown.

The 'ENG' link does not work, so you only have Turkish.


Anonymous said...

I think the page has changed again, because it looks completely different.
"" gives an Internal error 500, and "" seems to only allow Turkish language, no matter how much you click on the "Ingilizce" button, and as mentioned, looks completely different from these images.

Simon said...

I wonder if you need to refresh your browser or there was an error when you checked. I have just double checked the website and it looks the same as the images above. Good luck.