The Golden Savoy Bodrum

For those of you that have visited Bodrum in Turkey, you will have driven past the rather elaborate hotel entrance to the Golden Savoy. After stumbling across the website for the hotel, I thought I would share the information with you all.

I think 'exclusive' is the word to describe the luxury portrayed at this hotel. Situated on the coastline approaching the Bodrum peninsula not far from a fishing village called Güvercinlik and also not far from Torba, this hotel enjoys a beautiful view of the bay.

Along with a view of the Bodrum peninsula, there is Didim on the horizon with Turkish and Greek islands jostling for position.

The prices 
These are something from another world.You would need to be seriously well off to be able to afford to stay at this hotel. You can see how the 1% live though buy looking at the magnificent decoration, furniture and design of the hotel. If you can afford $800 - $64,000 (yep sixty four thousand Dollars) per night, then you will get a closer look at the hotel. Those of us that can only dream of this kind of price tag, we will have to rely on the website to look over the hotel.

So, if you have a spare $7,000 to stay with your family in the 90 m2 Premium suite or $440,000 for the 2000 m2 6 bedroom Golden palace, you can book here at

Happy holidays

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Unknown said...

If you had $65000 to spend would you really be thinking Bodrum? I'm thinking there's a lot of really wonderful hotels in this world that will compete strongly so interesting to see how it does over time. I'm thinking really designed with rich Turkish and Russians in mind rather than the more discerning international traveller.